We have to stop for a second and realize what America is now, not what we believe it to be. It is a representative consumptionist republic based on one dollar=one vote, and the automobile is the dominant species. Humans are relegated to serving either the automobile, the dollar, or subcontracted systems that support these (oil, wars, energy, banking, technology, insurance, corrupted government, etc). To have freedom to choose, we first have to wrestle power away from the dollar itself, and the manipulative coercions that consumptionism and fanatical belief systems have used to turn human beings into self-hating, competitive idiots.

There is no provision for future people (grandchildren) to vote to protect their planet and resources.

To do that, we need to eliminate the liberal use of complex, corrupt tax codes that favor only the flow of money away from the bottom/future, and implement sales taxes that give us direct feedback at decision points (cash registers). Citizens can then vote on how much of that money gets paid back to everyone (UBI and health care, not insurance) and what’s left over for governments to do their thing murdering foreigners or not. The ultimate Libertarian can then choose to live in a cave and grow their own food while everyone else can make informed purchases and not worry about a broken neighbor trying to steal their stuff to cook meth.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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