We shouldn’t even have to talk about it. Even your title illustrates the problem; ”needs to do to win”. We really need to talk about what our representatives and government need to do to work for the country’s useful existence, not about 'winning' what should be a tiny part of the process, as though winning an election is the main thing. That’s why we ended up with Billary and then Ole Joe White Toast in the first place: because the media can’t seem to do anything except sell beer and drugs with spectacle and combative fanatic talking heads. CNN seems to think we care more about how their reporters are reacting to stupid crap instead of the actual crap.

Talking about the real mechanisms of society and resources is always left to unfunded community workers and towns on cable access channels. The DNC is too busy raising money by yelling about the village maniac to bother with actual problems and responsibility.

The media just keeps walking up and down the bleachers raising the price of advertising with each step.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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