Welcome to Reality Club. First rule of Reality Club is that we don’t talk about Reality Club because it will get you ignored.

You might like the Dark Mountain project. As for your assertion about Hope, I agree with you and Derrick Jensen that “Hope is what got the Jews to board the trains.” It’s what gives aristocrats the ability to overcome people’s fears of them and instead, fear isolation or unpopularity (please clap). God, the ultimate Aristocrat, is supposed to be the marketing department for the town meeting. When people started going to church to ‘buy some religion’, the towns all fell apart.

Humanity committed its suicide when it built civilization as an extraction concept and used walls to isolate itself from Nature’s risks and responsibilities. Sure, it allowed more humans, but the number of humans isn’t the problem: the problem is our anthropocentric extraction philosophy, sponsored by Divine Grace. In other words, the lies we tell our children about what is real and not real, where they should focus their fanatical competicism and how to sell competing fanaticisms.

Civilization as we know it is well and truly stuffed, but civilians can’t see it because their whole world is stuffed up something they can’t see beyond the walls of civilized delusions and saturation marketing of future-destroying crap that nobody needs.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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