Welcome to the interwebs. Trying to fill in the links bores people and I can’t draw animations. The lizard reference is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: evil lizards run everything, but it’s a democracy. Bill and Hillary can get into office and open the records like Obama wanted to. Obamacare started as a plan from the Heritage Foundation, proposed to counter Hillarycare, which was a plan to offer Medicare as a competitive option against private insurance.

Much of the cost of the current system lies with poor diets, starch based crops ( the USDA’s primary function being to sell grain to balance trade). The military already has socialized medicine, so we have a solution to high insurance costs: put the doctors directly to work for our “of the people” government as members of the military. Everyone loves the troops, right?

Meanwhile, our education system extracts the best and brightest and sends them to business or finance, causing an intellectual decline in our towns and villages, directly leading to an uninformed, illiterate majority trying to start businesses or run farms, ready to vote for anyone who promises to find them a “job” and whom they can identify with.

I’m sure that clears it up… sigh.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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