Well, I guess you got one thing accurate: “Roundup isn’t poisoning your Cheerios.”: because the Cheerios are already dead.

Farming, at it’s core, is about killing stuff and cleaning up poop. Glyphosate is just one tool in a massive suite of tools that farmers use to cut costs. They have to cut costs because all activities of our civil systems are based on profits, not land husbandry or human usefulness to the land and themselves.

Glyphosate is convenient. Just like cell phones are convenient. Yet, the effect is that it makes people poor and stupid because it allows us to grow food and live without actually growing food and living in the world. Just like a phone and Facebook allows people to talk and find each other without actually sharing living time or being useful to their own future selves (or offspring).

Glyphosate is one of those things that leads to a future where people aren’t really necessary to a system that is supposedly created for people.

The box of Cheerios has a price of about 4 bucks now. The farmer gets about 3 cents out of that. Most of the money paid is going to the advertiser, the printer of the box, and the owners of the processing plants. To pay farmers to grow organic grains at a profit, you would have to raise the price of the box of Cheerios by about 10 cents. Yet, the people who cry “Organic!!” charge much more than that to do so, because it’s all in the marketing; and it’s ALL marketing.

Nobody is going to die from cancer in 20 years. They’ll all be dying from starvation and wars because of the instabilities in our climate that will prevent growing most of the commodity crops we grow now.

Those instabilities were created when consumerism became our religion.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to sell plastic fish, and the oceans boil.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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