Well, that’s if you assume that people will remain the drivers of perceived resource value, with ever-increasing expansion and raw materials and landfills to do so from now moving forward. COVID illustrates just one small version of 'resetting' the perception of value.

The people being devalued the most aren’t even counted as people anymore: just a profit to the vaccine companies and coffin producers.

Bitcoin price is typically measured against the dollar, but the real value of dollars is dropping like a rock and that looks like a stock market boom.

What we really have is a bubble of bubbles based on a blind belief in the anthrobubble.

Banks don’t print money by loaning it into existence: debtors steal it from their future selves and future places while banks enable them.

In 2020 the US government promised to colonize an imaginary planet (or 5) in order to prop up the stock market for a year, and Bitcoin is a wager that humans are going to die off so the debts never come due inside the servers.

Congratulations to the Zimbabwean technologists who cashed out.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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