Well written. Just enough randomness to reflect real life. Speaking of randomness; here’s my definition of evil that came from many hours of contemplation after 9/11:

Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Humans act randomly and habitually. They do stuff. They have reasons for doing stuff: in that order. Sure, some do bad things on purpose because they believe blindly in themselves and their own self-importance. Belief in God has no effect unless they question themselves and their place in the world. Too much of society is bent on economics and production; so much so that people don’t believe in themselves as useful to their own means of living. They only see themselves as performers for money, and that affects how they feel about others and they then project dollar signs or any number of marketing schemes onto others’ images (sex, hate, fear, competition, etc).

You do good work that helps people build better models of the world and you set examples they can believe are real. We all need that very badly these days.

Intentionality has little to do with people’s day-to-day existence, and the marketers and mean people know this and take advantage of it. Competitive fanaticisms are driving people habitually insane, but boy are they profitable!

Thank you for sharing. I apologize for my windy ramble.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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