What needs to be done if we really are going to take things seriously (panic)?

  1. All overhead costs have to be where people see them and make decisions. That means all civil costs (wars, health care, subsidies) and fees and carbon trading schemes have to be translated into sales taxes. (see fairtax.org and consider how much higher the rate and the prebate will have to be).
  2. Eliminate the personal automobile as employment infrastructure. All employers should be required to provide transportation and/or housing where they want people to be, and encouraged to develop mass transit systems.
  3. Eliminate the concept of the suburb as the lifestyle choice we know. Maximum gardening spaces (including greenhouses, grazing commons, community gardens (with a service requirement for all citizens) as we will need those as well) and minimized living spaces. People need to be useful and outdoors, and cities will start hemorrhaging occupants as ocean levels rise.
  4. Eliminate video on the internet (25% of electricity use).
  5. Phase out air travel as carbon sequestration takes effect. Right now, we are dependent on contrails to keep the temperature down (see data from 9/11).
  6. Select politicians by random lottery instead of elections. Campaigns spend billions of petrodollars that will be needed for other purposes, and let’s face it; citizens are mostly ignorant of the people they vote for and the government services they need because they aren’t involved unless it’s an emergency. Now it’s an emergency for everyone, all of the time, so everyone needs to learn about government.
  7. Ban all commercial advertising outside 200 miles of the point of origin of a product’s raw materials. If people need something, they will find it. We have to stop giving corporations tax deductions for brainwashing people into destroying the planet.
  8. Is that enough yet?

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