What they miss is “usefulness”; to the world, the community especially, but mostly, to the future. Churches have survived because their environment/community survives when the church is useful to the community’s future. In most places, that means also that the church is integral to government/management of the community and the community survives better. God is the marketing department for the town meeting, not the purpose of it. The usefulness of the meeting is in how it helps the community survive long term. That churches survived along with that type of community is evidence that they were useful.

We have lost this sense of usefulness because we buy everything we need (yes, churches have lost it, too). The ‘nones’ (by the way, that’s a military dog tag reference) need to make their members useful to their own future. Entertainment and sacrifice are distractions. The point is for people to be cooperative so their collective consciousnesses can overcome their own lizard brain consumerism and laziness. A group has better willpower than an individual. They solve problems and share their sacrifices in doing so.

God just gets them into the church. He doesn’t make them pray, and He doesn’t show up in civil court. The Nones aren’t missing some magical ‘thing’ that shows up from a sales pitch/preacher: they’re missing a sense of being a part of their own future world: knowing how and where the next meal or baby is cared for by being engaged in making those happen.

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