Who’s watching the watchers? Any analysis of this election will be biased by language and intellectual reason. Logically, the choice and polls leading to the election should have shown a landslide for progress and humanism. Unfortunately, humans, as a rule, are not logical actors. A few who exploit this fact control the medium and cultivate the message according to opportunistic goals, not sensible and useful cooperation with our future selves. In the end, people who are cultivated in competition and money will vote against cooperation and fairness if they are led to do so.

The emotional animals don’t know anything about the science. Leave the barn door open and they will escape the environment that confines them.

Our philosophers, educators and informational systems of news and advertising have failed to train the animals to stay, and in fact, those 'leaders' have been abusing and pitfighting everyone for so long that most people are more actively pursuing escapism than actually living. How much do people spend on food vs entertainment? The polls are for entertainment purposes only, and nobody feels obligated to participate honestly. Only those already biased to believe that politics is reasonable will do so.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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