Why should they not? Is every decision made with a spreadsheet? That’s the whole point to putting the actual cost of using money right at the point where decisions are made, and to set a minimum level of decency (prebate) that is paid to everyone. Since the sales taxes are anonymously paid, there are no special favors. If people need services, they can be applied by government without debating the cost to rich lobbyists or special interests saying “what about MY department?”.

People don’t need insurance: they need good health. Yet, we have endless discussions of how to ‘pay’ for health insurance, luxury hospitals and ‘programs’(huge buildings full of paper-pushers and accountants with expensive landscaping services).

People need healthy food. They have hands and minds to grow food. Yet, we spend ungodly amounts of time and money convincing them to go to sporting events, to ‘work out’, or to travel to places and see the ways they can spend money they don’t have.

The USDA wants nothing to do with health and the FDA wants nothing to do with agriculture. Think about that.

Yes, I oversimplify things. That’s because I fix things. I don’t just imagine complicated Rube Goldberg ways to light a candle when there’s a match in my hand. The current virus pandemic is showing us that the rich have done the former to our economy and sold us more and more uselessness at every turn, just because ‘profit’, and religions and institutions all go along with it.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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