Wow. That was really long, and politically, distracted and diverted from the true causal chain.

Populations rise and pollution happens not because of abundant food. It’s because of cheap food. You could argue that it’s the same thing, but it’s not. High prices drive people away from purchases toward local self-made sources, taking money away from the corporate structures that power the “efficiencies” of manufacturing things (including fertilizers). The solution is not long-winded intellectual schemes about downsizing and greening: it’s sales taxes that put all environment and supply chain costs at the decision point-the checkout counter.

The demand for chemical fertilizer efficiency comes from the market, not farms and schools, and if you want people to stop demanding factory farming, you have to make factory food more expensive than growing it locally by hand with manure. That means eliminating all of the 'health' regulations preventing on farm processing and selling. It means adding the cost of wars and transport and energy at checkouts as realized pricing instead of externalizing those costs. It means eliminating tax deductions for advertising and packaging, and it means teaching everyone that humanity’s free ride on this planet is over by making planetary resource support, not aristocrats, the focus of all human endeavors and economics.

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