Yeah. Just “yeah”, or as my sister would say, “Oh yah hey.”

“how shitty his shit really is” ☺

I look at this election as the continuation of a pattern of non-presidents. In Bush’s case, the System (oligarchs, plutarchs, money itself, etc) actually stepped up and took the reigns in the form of Android Cheney. Obama was pretty much thwarted from the start, so that even this bastardized form of Gingrichcare didn’t make it through the process with much intact. Now, we are told to believe that one of the 3 least presidential people will somehow be effective at any plan at all. This leaves us with failure modes to consider: Bernie’s failure mode is megafascism (Trumpites in charge, but by mob rule), Trump’s failure mode is communist revolution by unarmed mobs against the hyper armed Trumpites, and Hillary’s failure/success mode is just like the status quo : decline of a world into global meltdown, flooding and refugees. The other two face the same, but in their cases, everyone will be too busy killing each other over water, oil and imaginary beings to notice they are burning and starving. Hillary’s job is simple: allowing the American people to see how shitty our shit really is. 4 years from now, the shit will finally sink in that it is 20 years too late to do a damned thing about it.

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