Yes. A thousand times, yes.

Here are a few interesting links for you:

National Farmers Union (Retail price vs. farmer’s share: a handy tool).

AcresUSA magazine

NORMeconomics (natural resource based economics).

One of the things we have to realize and educate people on is that this isn’t a new fight. It’s been going on since consumerism hijacked people’s brains and many people who were close to the land saw this coming. COVID-19 brings to light how many people we have turned into single-minded consumers and how many have been disenfranchised from their own usefulness in favor of ‘service’ to aristocracy and the moral terpitude of the limited liability corporation.

Advertising is theft of our attention. In the USA, advertising is a business deduction from taxes, favoring those who have money to advertise (and lobby) over those who are too small for that specialty.

This is why I advocate for all taxes to be sales taxes: so that people learn the real cost of serving others for trinkets vs. serving themselves for Life.

The rich get richer because we work for them and buy their ‘products’.

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