Yes. Agree. I think it is ironic that the solution to many of the problems facing us is presented as a right-wing idea: replace income taxes with sales taxes so that everyone sees exactly how much it costs to buy something. Sales taxes are a lot less regressive than a dead planet, and the most straightforward communication system we can use, with infrastructure already in place.

All of the politicians, CEOs and NGOs make their policies based on the flow of resources up the market economy’s chain, starting at the checkout point. If people are kept in the dark about how much it costs to buy a plastic bauble, how are they going to truly know how to change their behavior to things that require more work (to stop being a consumerist individual/competitive fanatic).

If you want people to do the right things, you have to make it easier to do the right thing or harder to do the wrong thing. Right now, the wrong thing always involves buying something.

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