Yes. As a white man, I have to say that the circumstances and yellow journalism are making it look like it’s about being white, but it’s really about being in a bubble of isolation from reality. White folks aren’t going to pop their bubbles from the inside because they can afford not to. Humans need actual risks to force them to adapt and act. White rich people minimize their risks by taking security from others systematically, and that means poor people of all colors. Power never gives up its systems voluntarily. Now, we’ve got the very rich white people pretending to be outside the system in order to get votes from the semi-rich people who have been stupefied by hero worship and fear of losing a life of perpetual easy debt if the really rich have to start paying for the services they receive (like police protection of fascism and bullies). Our common enemy is blind participation in this System of systems. Look around and see how many zombies there already are. Keep trying to wake them up. The stock market is not the country. People are. We’ve let the money be the dominant species for too long.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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