Yes, he’s the village idiot. It’s up to the village to find gainful and useful work for him to do, and to show him how to do it. It isn’t up to the village idiot to not be an idiot. Putin found a use for him, though. What’s missing from this story is what’s missing from American politics: reasoned, cooperative behavior that would have given Trump some idea of how to be presidential, or that would have prevented his bizarre campaign from succeeding in the first place. Those who read and write the news just can’t seem to understand that a vast number of Americans choose not to read and write. Trump played to them on Fox and rather than finding ways to penetrate that divide, the Left and the amoral Marketers have built their own wall of hubris to hide behind and throw rocks. They call Trump and his ilk “Bullies!”, but they do so as bullies. The Democrats are giving Sanders and Warren the same treatment because they’re afraid of losing Wall Street support (as though ‘Wall Street’ isn’t just a robot trader AI now).

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