Yes. I can only humbly acknowledge that you are accurate in your assessment, based on my teens and enlisted experience. I think there’s a lot to be said for the “bubble of isolation” surrounding successful/college educated whites, too. If they haven’t been on the wrong side of the angry police or property owner’s threats, it’s difficult to get them to understand how bad it could have gone, and how much needs to be done to change. I think there are multiple layers to the cultural (and information) bubbles, and too many of those layers are based on competitive property and ego protection. Too many are conditioned to believe that getting something they want is worth dying for because they are taught to take death too lightly and as “temporary”, just as too many are taught that their property is their life. The layer of skin color competition is amplified by the property competition as well as the race to die and kill for both contests. White science likes to write about tribes and human cooperation, but only if it sells something on Amazon. They just don’t get that tribes don’t hire psychopathic mercenaries to protect junk food and luxuries in the town store.

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