Yes, I jumped to stereotypes and I wasn’t completely wrong. Americans live their stereotypes.

Your characterization of Trump is staight out of my brother’s mouth: “a real estate guy not beholden to big interests’. That is an oxymoron in itself, not to mention that he’s a bankrupted real estate guy and his 'success' was for being an ass on a TV show where everything was tuned to his being an ass to people.

That’s not leadership. It’s milking the cow of TV advertising; which is what Fox does for him.

If we really wanted a representative democracy, we’d eliminate elections and pick leaders with a random lottery. There would be fewer felons in office and damn few lawyers. Same process should apply to police. The Navy does it all the time. It’s called “Tempory Assigned Duty”.

Most corruption in Washington is through the income tax code. The economic and stress burden of the process hurts the people that both sides say they are 'helping’, while handing the economic decisions over to spreadsheets and crooked accountants.

People don’t need health insurance. They need good health, but the FDA wants nothing to do with agriculture and the USDA wants nothing to do with health, so instead of healthy food, Americans get drugs and landscaping soaked with pesticides.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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