Yes. It is.

That’s the problem as well. Americans are too goddamned stupid to look honestly at their mind-numbingly useless economy and admit that it’s all based on people raping each other and the planet as fast as possible before the natural environment collapses on our heads.

Racism is just the tip of the bullies’ iceberg. It’s all about bullies and their aristocratic God-blessed belief in Competition’s Invisible Hand Job.

We can dream about redistribution of money, but the money is all based on the casino where everyone bets on the moral terpitude of corporate management who is sworn to defend a pile of money at all costs. The government is just borrowing money (betting on the future of that system) against that bankrupt morality.

People don’t need enough money to buy food. They need enough usefulness in their places to live without corporations enslaving them.

Nobody ever needed health insurance. They needed good health and risk management by actual leadership, not immoral betting by private enterprises on a chance to sell PPE and ventilators ‘if’ disaster happens.

All of the people who are Too Poor to Strike will be fighting each other with weapons they buy from Too Big to Fail corporations with money borrowed from Too Big to Fail banks.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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