Yes, the AR-15 is “Barbies for men.” I even have thought seriously about adding one or an AR-10 to my gun safe. Then, I realized that the only thing that triggers that desire is the advertising. I’m quite happy with the lever and bolt actions, the semiautomatic pistols and rifles I already have. I also recently thought of another analogy of the AR guns: inkjet printers. Cheap machines designed to sell cartridges that far too many can’t afford, so it takes money from something more useful to their own future.

I completely support your right to buy them, but I am saddened by the waste of resources. I’m becoming more and more fond of air rifles, myself. I don’t think big tech will help us when Trump triggers a civil war, either between the rich and poor, women and men, or by skin color. The Democrats aren’t going to take our guns because there ARE many people like you and me with more sense than violence, but they need to be told to do something about the sales Spectacle of violence and the mental condition of our culture. Guns don’t kill people, humanity’s unquestioned beliefs do. Whether that’s in competition, guns, gods, money or gurus, blind beliefs are the real root of evil. Ironically, it even says so in the Bible ;)

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