Yes. This.

When I criticize Republicans, my Republican friends call me a socialist liberal. When I criticize Democrats, I get blank stares or cancellation.

A feral dog howls in Harvard Yard, indeed.

"So it is the American intellectual’s gig to weave some philosophical and ideological basket of American Truth out of mercantile folklore and smoke in such a way as to appear to hold water when viewed at great distance by the squinting millions out there in the burboclaves, office campuses, construction sites and fried chicken joints. If the result were not so abysmally eye glazing, tedious and predictable, it would be an act of pure alchemy, truly spinning gold from chaff, turning mud bricks into bullion. Like we said, somebody’s gotta do it, but the question remains as to why anyone would choose to. Answer: It beats working. 'Blessed are the thinking classes, for theirs is the kingdom of tenure.'

— Jesus to the Boston University Philosophy Department"

-Joe Bageant, RIP

Reader. Fixer. Maker.