You can tell a lot about a school/town/party/news organization by how it treats the least powerful or least capable among us. Look at how Congress has treated our last 6 or 7 presidents: if the White House doesn’t sign their rubber checks, it gets nothing but grief. Americans tried to vote for change but the political party liners are too busy sucking the corporate udders. To them, the public is just one teat dispensing votes. There are a lot more on the lobbyist’s sow.

It is all about the money. The media is the same. It makes Trump out to be a lightning rod idiot, but the barn is already on fire from the shorted electrical wiring and rats chewing on it.

Consumerism and advertising money determines the show. We have no government but SWAT teams and subsidies.

The Democrats need to stop searching for a tweeting movie star and make a leading platform on core government issues. Then pick the best person to make it work. We don’t need a circus full of clowns racing to drive a piece of crap they stripped; we’ve got Republicans for that.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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