You missed a crucial step in the process: Convince people to buy stuff once they have dropped all of their guilt. It's not the carbon, or the crassness, or even the craziness that is the core of The Secret's success: it's the consumptionism: the concept that you can buy or take or conjure a 'life' from imaginary beings (or killing brown people because of their imaginary beings) and walk away from the Garden of Eden and let it die of neglect because 'civilization' and 'economy' and The Invisible Hand Job will work everything out in the end as you bet your life on the moral terpitude of 'successful' gangs of people who have sworn allegiance to a pile of money (a company).

People love The Secret because it's the opposite of The Bible's guilt trip that was itself the original consumerism scheme by the aristocracies. Now, the aristocracies use the tax code to convince people to get 'tax breaks' for buying houses and retirement plans created by their own sacrifice of their own places.

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