You’re getting there. Unfortunately, you have the same anthropocentric bias as everyone else. The problem isn’t that the rich exploit the poor, but that everyone exploits the resources they need in order to live, without putting anything back. The flow of human labors should be toward the resources, not toward the human desires and consumption. “The opposite of consumption is not frugality; it’s generosity.” -Raj Patel

Humanity didn’t evolve to conduct war against its own planet. That’s just what aristocrats have always taught our children. Every farmer knows you have to put more into the land than you take or it will dry up and fail to produce. Human civilization itself has groomed us to be artificially consumptive of resources without facing the consequences or paying the planet with our labors and creativity. Every other species has to fit its niche or go extinct. Humans just show up to steal the office supplies and expect a living out of it.

Until we reverse our entire sense of purpose away from aristocracy (God is the ultimate aristocrat), we will continue to fail to find and cultivate purpose for each other and our usefulness. The flow of resources will be reversed at some point, but it’s up to us to decide if we will survive it and be intentional about it or die off and leave room for the next replacement species.

The opposite of capitalism isn’t socialism: it’s sales taxes. Big ones. People need to know what it costs them to buy a life instead of making one, and that working for their own place and person is more useful than working for someone else to buy a private island which is going to be under water anyway.

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