You’re on the right track, but there’s farther to go. Her ‘presidential’ campaign was lost years ago, when she proved that she was competent and intelligent. Woman or not, her competence intimidates most Americans. Bernie and Biden don’t have that problem. They’re just doddering old white guys with ‘words’. Trump keeps his base happy because he makes people feel like they’re the ‘smartest people ever’ while they sit around chatting at the display table at a gun show or during a ‘real football’ game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Liz will never be one of the ‘guys’ or ‘girls’ because she’s alien to Americans. She starts out as a frontrunner because the early adopters like her, especially on Ta Interwebs.

Out in the world though, Americans want a Golden Retriever that steals their burritos and then rolls in a ditch full of dead skunk. They don’t want a grandmother who won The War (pick one) with math in spite of being kept out of combat by men.

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