You’ve pretty well nailed it. The only exceptions I see are two: the blog/youtube as income will probably be gone with out a reliable grid once part 2 really sets in (low wealth survival economics based on useful resources).

As for not buying a pickup with your 401k money; buy a used truck that can pull a trailer, a tractor and some tools. That 401k money is going to lose value but useful equipment remains useful regardless of the casino on Wall Street.

Most of the huge farms in America don’t actually grow people food, so they don’t have small market farm skills or economical equipment that will be in increasing demand as global trade retracts and coastal plains get flooded, driving millions of people to higher and cooler geography.

Some people might suffer the delusion of using horses. This fails on three fronts. You lose 25% of growing potential to feed the horses, few people are around with the skills to actually work and kit them out, and human beings are actually more efficient converters of calories to work.

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