You’ve really done a lot of good work here. Thank you. I keep trying to find the ‘one thing’ to highlight but it’s all so good. As for this encapsulated bit, the thing that keeps coming to my mind is how Hollingsworth’s (and others’) belief that we can somehow restart what was utterly failing is basically impossible in any perspective. Wall Street’s highs were dependent on the perceived growth of an economy filled with debt holes for cars and planes and travel and all of the support infrastructure of wasted resources that we just won’t have available in the cheap context they were before. They think they can avoid losing their ‘investment growth funds’ which are already gone because they were based on people driving to the malls to buy new clothes to go to jobs to buy cars to get to their houses in the exurbs and upsell everything for debt-based promises to burn new resources in the future by people who aren’t even born yet, and now they probably won’t be because of the new paradigm of less population, less pandemic.

The smoke and mirrors are still being pushed around by aristocrats, but there’s really nothing to see in there anymore. In the future, it’s all local.

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