Yup. It reminded me of this article.

How many years have left-leaning voters been manipulated by the centrist versions of NPR and its ilk? The Iowa primaries are a poster child for “Don’t make waves” in the world, even as every boat is on fire. Hillary’s corruption fest in the party didn’t help much, and the manipulative use of the income tax code and “job creation” have pretty well destroyed any future for the country. The chicken-shit behaviors of the Democrat party (why didn’t they already find a stand-out candidate?) will just not be able to cope with flooding cities and burning forests. They’ve allowed consumerism to wage war on Nature in the name of “progressivism” and “jobs” and the addiction to the “poor vote”. They now demand (as much as a Democrat ever demands anything: with a bunch of college kids holding signs to back them up) that “the Rich” be taxed to pay for continuation of the ‘health’ ‘care’ corporations’ highway robbery and landscaping. There is no plan to make unemployed people into nurses, doctors and producers of healthy food. Just blind faith in ‘technology’ and petrodollars paying for vaporware.

Terry Pratchett has a banker quip about “The only way to make money from poor people is by keeping them poor.”

Are we sure of who is doing what to whom? https://www.joebageant.org/2007/04/14/a_feral_dog_how/

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