Yup. Thanks for this perspective. We had the same problem last time, too. Maybe because everyone is trying to get money for a campaign, rather than actually leading the world into a new future with a bullshit-cutting sword. Obama stood out as someone who could project his vision of a better way through the murk of politics, even though he was simply the best pseudo-Republican that the Democrats had to offer. Bill Clinton was the same in the end (NAFTA, Wall Street, etc). Hillary Clinton became direct competition for the herd of Republicans already on offer, so they really hate her, even though the bubble-protected DNC and public radio worshipers think she’s the equivalent of an iPhone with a headphone jack (Coelecanthe).

Right now, Liz Warren and Amy Klobuchar provide the best options in this white money world, but the cult of Bernie has a bible and they’re sticking to it to the death of good health (nobody needs medicare or insurance: we need better food and doctors).

I try not to pick, but constructively, it’s “Now, we’re whittling the field”, as in carving a piece of wood.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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