Systems create evil actions by preventing skepticism.

We are all stuck in the System molasses of the past and present, dreaming of the future, but unable to imagine what our future self will want.

“It’s been difficult to see humans as anything other than selfish, greedy, environmentally destructive parasites. There’s strong evidence wealth equality increases environmental conservation, but it seems like we’ll never have either one. I don’t want to eat the rich, I don’t even care to be rich, I just want care for the environment and people.” — Corinne Davis

I spent a lot of years thinking the…

The powerful know Truth. Speaking to them about it is a waste of breath.

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Jessica Wildfire nailed a great big rough oak plank up for everyone to read.

“The rich have a plan, but it doesn’t include you.”

I’ll start with an apology because I posted three comments on one story. I try not to do that. My biggest craw-sticker is this one:

We have conditioned humans to be consumptionists.

I don’t mean the bunker boys: I mean all of us. …

No. Really. Not sarcasm.

Authority is not wisdom. It’s just authority.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Wayyyyyyyyyyy too fucking much for my own good. Welcome to the Spectrum, assholes.

I feel every fucking molecule that’s out of place in my universe. I see every thing that is misaligned, every musical note that’s clipped or out of harmony. I feel your pain and your sadness when I look at you and yours.

So if you don’t mind, I won’t look at you. I won’t let you touch me. I will fix your machinery and explain once again how your ignorance and obtuse behavior caused you to get frustrated…

Therein lies the rub of your conundrum. It isn't the "programming" per se: it's the advertising between (the actual financial 'product' that news programs are arranged around). From birth to death, the morality of western market societies is determined by corporations. "A corporation is a pile of money to which a group of men have sworn moral allegiance." -Wendell Berry

The towel was thrown in for you when corporations were invented (Limited Liability). Brainwashing children is tax-deductible. The income tax code spends money on war before you have any say in it. American liberals believe deep in their hearts that…

One of the important bits is knowing what the gods are that people are praying to.







Civilization itself (city-based society) is a cheat. I've said this a lot, but it bears repeating. Civilization is a process of isolating human animals from the risks and response abilities of their natural environment. Civilians don't fix civilizations. They use them up and die off. Barbarians who are tired of living like barbarians build civilizations to not be 'human'. We can call that "domestication".

Domesticated animals are stupid and loyal and controllable. That makes them vulnerable to bullies.

Our agencies prevent us from having agency.

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“Once immersed in a coercive system, we act without conscious control.” Douglas Rushkoff “Coercion: Why we do what They say.”

I happened across an important and excellent story this morning by Elle C. that everyone should read. Perhaps it’s just me and my cynicism toward human intentionality, but throughout the article, I couldn’t help seeing in terms of Coercion and These Truths. While listening to the latter, and hearing about the manipulations that pollsters and polls have applied to the American public, I have been inspired to look for some of the quotes…

15 definitions you don’t want to know about Life; and ….cats.

NinjaCat is on the loose.

Socialism: You have a forest full of cats and you stand in the middle with a siren to try and chase them into a bank 4 miles away that has dogs guarding it. Capitalism could be the dogs or the cats. The cats from the consumers’ standpoint; the dogs from the socialists’ standpoint.

Environmentalism: A room full of cats is not it. Feeding a room full of cats fucking tuna is definitely not it. Burying someone and planting a tree on their grave is a good start. If you…

What’s bugging your playground? Picture by me.

Bullying isn’t leadership, but humans have evolved to not know the difference.

Our institutions make excuses for the bullies because bullies collect everyone’s lunch money and toys.

The girls pretend to be dumb in order to get the biggest, dumbest bullies to support their children.

These days, everything is mixed up because nerds became economic bullies and playboys became presidents. The regular Christian bullies are forced to support the playboys because the playboys took their toy (control of the moms).

The teachers' pets have spent so long trying not to offend anyone that they never learned how to make anything…

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God isn’t Love: God is a powerful imaginary being. Love is a real superpower.

Love; The direct kind of reaching out to people with your ability to do something useful for them or with them. All of them. The ones you want to fuck and the ones you have been conditioned to fuck over. The ones who want to fuck you and who have been groomed to fuck you over.

This isn’t about the mamby-pamby ‘love your neighbor’ crap that anyone else is able to say and hope it makes you feel better (or stop shooting at them). …

A chance visit; a clap; then one year of perspective.

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I wrote the response below (italics) a year ago in response to A Sharing Economy by Susie Cagle:

Diane Zilliox stopped by and clapped for it (Thanks). That got me to go back and read it again just to see what I had done in some dark corner of the past.

New civilizations are built by barbarians that get tired of being barbarians. Almost any community/coop idea fails when it is missing some part of its mechanism. …


Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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